Poetry Society of Vermont
founded in 1947


The PSOV Archives are housed in a collection at the Vermont History Center in Barre, Vermont. The collection contains the complete records of the Poetry Society of Vermont, a statewide organization that promotes public awareness of poetry. The collection was given to the Vermont Historical Society in December 2005 by the creating organization (ms. acc. no. 2005.10). For more information, contact the Vermont History Center at www.vermonthistory.org and reference the following identifying information:

Poetry Society of Vermont

Records, 1947-present

Doc 548-549, 582-583, MSA 405-406



To learn more about the PSOV's history, click on the link here, which features 
PSOV members and past president Nancy Vandenburgh Brunelle, Marian Gleason, and Ann Day, reading poems and speaking about the PSOV's 40th Anniversary in 1987 on WCAX's program, Across the Fence.