Poetry Society of Vermont
founded in 1947

Member Publications, Readings, News

To submit your publications to this list, contact George Longenecker You may submit either published or forthcoming  poetry, and include all pertinent information such as journal name, volume, and date. 

You may also submit information about recent books, with web links for those who wish to purchase them. 

We'd also like news of your upcoming readings.

Kathleen McKinley Harris announces the publication of her book Earth Striders from Finishing Line Press.  The poems in the collection are centered on horses and the rural life. Most are set in the Vermont of Harris’s youth.  

Judith Janoo announces the publication of her 2019 book After Effects from Finishing Line Press. You can read a review here.

Robyn Joy announces the 2022 publication of her chapbook, Tumbling ThroughTo connect directly to her chapbook and 
podcast episode click here.
George Longenecker  announces the publication of his book Star Route from Main Street Rag Publishing. He's had poems in  Main Street Rag, ColereSanta Fe Review, Saranac Review, Comstock Review, Whale Road Review and America. 

Tom McKone celebrates PSOV and the local poetry scene in his recent article,  Listen to Water Fall.

Carol Milkuhn announces the publication of her chapbook Modern Tapestries, Medieval Looms from Orchard Street Press. As one reviewer, George Longenecker, wrote, here is "a colorful tapestry of poetry that seamlessly threads medieval into modern." Milkuhn's chapbook is available through The Orchard Street Press. Please visit them at orchpress.com.

Charlie Rossiter has poems in his free ebook, Poems People Like. He announces the Poetry/Spoken Word Open Mike at the Tap House, 309 County St., Bennington (across the St. from Bennington Pottery), every second Tuesday of the month. Signup at 7pm, readings begin 7:15pm, five-minute time limit.  Always free. More info: 708-606-4673.

Sarah Dickenson Snyder announces the publication of her 2019 book With a Polaroid Camera from Main Street Rag Publishing. 

Geza Tatrallyay announces the publication of his fourth poetry collection Extinction from P.R.A. Publishing, available at your local bookstore or on Amazon. Read a review here. Visit Geza's website here. Listen to Geza talk about climate change.

George Longenecker and Mary Rose Dougherty appeared on the WDEV radio program Vermont Viewpoints with Ric Cengeri to talk about our 75th anniversary. Their conversation is about 1:05 hours into the program. Listen here.